Phonics Pipes


Phonics Pipes are an engaging, multi-sensory tool that students will reach for over and over again! Students can build words, manipulate sounds, and practice spelling rules. Students can practice a variety of skills. Pipes can be used for ABC order, 1-1-1 doubling rule, FLSZ rule, building contractions, learning prefixes/suffixes, and tons more. They are aligned with Orton Gillingham and the Science of Reading.

Set I

Includes 75 total pieces

  • Two sets of vowels (a, e, i, o, u, y)
  • Consonants, digraphs (sh, th, wh, ch, ck, dge, tch)
  • FLSZ w/ star for rule
  • 5 sound
  • 5 word counters
  • Customizable case 

Set II

Includes 143 total pieces

  • Glued Sounds: all, an, am, ang, ing, ong, ung, ank, ink, onk, unk, tu, ture, ost, ive, stle, ind, ild, old, sion, tion, olt
  • Consonant Blends (initial and final):  bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl, br, cr, sn, sp, st, sw, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr, sk, sc, sm, str, squ, spr, thr, tw, scr, spl, nt, mp, shr
  • Silent Letters:  gh, ph, wr, kn, rh, gn, mb, mn
  • Vowel teams:  ai, ay, ee, ea, ey, oi, oy, oa, oe, ow, ou, oo, ue, ew, au, aw, ar, er, ir, or, ur, eu, ui, ie, ei, igh, eigh, long vowels (a, e, i, o, u), silent e
  • Syllable Types: 2 brackets and 2 syllable lines
  • Prefixes, Suffixes: un, re, dis, in, pre, s, ful, ty, ed, ing, es
  • Consonant -LE: ble, cle, dle, fle, gle, kle, ple, tle, sle, zle


  • Includes 30 different contractions with not, is, and will

C/K Puzzle

  • Includes manipulatives to remember the rule for spelling with c and k

Written Expression

  • Includes manipulatives to build sentences and dictation practice

Reading Comprehension

  • Includes manipulatives to practice comprehension skills

Heart Words Set

  • Includes 2 sets of vowels/consonants/digraphs (th, sh, wh)
  • 4 plain hearts
  • 6 sound counters
  • Customizable case
  • Hearts for sight words: said, do, of, was, what, they, could, would, should, your, were, many, front, been, come, some, none, done, above, does, goes, very, have, give, where, there, work, because, watch, gone, want, are, any, from, love, heart, who, when, word, their, says, put, push, again, friend, sure