AT Assessments

Assistive Technology (AT) Assessments are a service Westminster Technologies offers to help assess a student’s specific needs.

AT Assessments are offered as a one-time service or on a contractual basis, and can be done at your location or remotely via video conference. 

AT Evaluations


Here's a basic overview of our assessment process:

Before Assessment:

  • Our ATP will reach out to the school contact to:
  • Obtain a copy of IEP if not already provided.
  • Schedule a day and time for the evaluation.
  • Schedule a meeting time with teachers/therapists for the day of the evaluation.
  • Obtain a copy of the student’s schedule for the day of the evaluation.
  • Provide additional forms for the teachers/therapists to be completed no later than the evaluation date.

Assessment Day:

  • Our ATP will observe the student in his/her classroom and other appropriate settings in the school.
  • Meet with teachers and therapists – this can be one meeting with the IEP team or separate meeting times that work best for team members that work directly with the student on a daily/weekly basis.
  • Teachers will have any work samples they would like to share with the evaluator ready to view.

After Assessment:

  • The assesment will be completed and provided to your team within one week of the assessment date. (Download sample reports here and here.)
  • Minimum of three virtual meetings to guide the team through the technology trial/data collection steps through implementation, including:
  • Free AT Implementation Guide
  • Free AT Trial Guide

Once the final report has been reviewed by the IEP team, we provide monthly consultation services to make sure your team has support throughout the decision-making process.

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