AT Training

AT Assessment Series: Our 3-day intensive, hands-on training program is designed to educate your team members to be able to conduct their own AT Assessments. This course is structured to deliver instruction on the assessment process from start to finish, including hands-on opportunities and completion of an actual AT Assessment.

AT Assessment Wheel

The participants receive guides for each step of the assistive technology cycle. Six months of ongoing coaching are provided for the attendees to ensure confidence and lasting success.

Graduate credit of one semester hour from Ashland University can be purchased after completing this program, but the instructor must be notified in advance.

AT Assessment Guide: The Assistive Technology Assessment Guide (ATAG) is a training module that comprises eight sections, introducing key terms and concepts, examples of various low to high-tech assistive technology, and the five steps in the AT Cycle.

Lessons include video presentations, downloadable handouts with fillable sections for notes, case studies, reflection questions, and quizzes throughout to help you stay on track.

At the end of the training, you will be able to download fillable PDF forms for every step in the assessment process. These forms guide the team through the consideration process, assessment, selection, and trialing of AT, implementing AT into the curriculum, and monitoring the technology to ensure each student has a successful assistive technology experience.

As an ATAG member, you will have access to the course and all the materials for one year – but you also receive one year of remote coaching support to ensure success.

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