Inclusive Fun for Everyone - Certified Autism Centers

Inclusive Fun for Everyone - Certified Autism Centers

It seems like monthly we are now seeing amusement parks and other activity-based centers announcing they are now a Certified Autism Center. The latest to announce their certification is my favorite childhood roller coaster park, Kennywood, in Pittsburgh. However, what does this mean?

Obtaining a Certified Autism Center (CAC) Status

The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) offers certification to establishments across the world. It’s no longer enough for an organization to claim they are “Autism friendly.” Anyone can claim that, but when an organization has a certification to back it up, now that tells me they are dedicated.

For an organization to become a certified center, they must be committed to serving individuals with autism, have trained and certified at least 80% of its employees in the field of autism, and be committed to on-going training. Experts from IBCCES conduct an onsite review, which includes any changes that are needed and a sensory activity guide.

Check out the certification process and more information at IBCCES Certified Autism Center.

Are you interested in pursuing certification for yourself? Check out the individual certification opportunities in the areas of Autism, or Cognitive Coach/Specialist go to our Certifications page or the IBCCES Guide to Certification and Programs. Want a deal? Visit our website to find out how to get started and use our exclusive partner code WT20 to save 20%.

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