Certify your Stamp of Excellence

Certify your Stamp of Excellence

As professionals in our fields, we are proud of our hard work and certifications. Maybe we should make Super Hero shirts with our certification logos – just kidding, but that would be pretty cool! It’s your stamp of excellence.

Top 5 Reasons for Certification

  1. Professional Growth: Demonstrate your expertise and knowledge in your area of expertise. It proves your dedication and willingness to stay up to date in your field.
  2. Earn More Money: A certification can also help you earn more money and add up to a 25% increase.
  3. Continuous Learner: Earning a certification proves that you are established as a constant learner to your peers and employer. Certifications typically require continuing education units to keep your certificate in good standing.
  4. Confidence: You are an expert in your field and have worked hard to earn that certification. It gives you confidence that you are providing the best service you can.
  5. Better Mentor: Your certification gives you the knowledge and experience needed to mentor your peers and your students/clients better.

Moreover, multiple certifications show your commitment to expertise!

Consider obtaining one or more of the following certificates to show your commitment to parents, supervisors, colleagues, promote a higher standard of care, improve quality of instruction, and be recognized as a leader.

  • Certified Autism Specialist or Autism Certificate Competencies
    • Autism Overview
    • Comorbidities
    • Parent Communication
    • Behavior Modification
    • Early Childhood identification
    • Program Development
  • Board Certified Cognitive Specialist or Certified Cognitive Coach Competencies:
    • Anxiety
    • Dyslexia
    • ADHD
    • Autism
    • Early Childhood Identification
    • Inclusion
    • Litigation Concerns

Learn more about these IBCCES Certifications and the online training program. Don’t forget to use our exclusive partner code, WT20, to save 20%.

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