5 More Remote/Hybrid Learning Tools

5 More Remote/Hybrid Learning Tools

With schools quickly transitioning back to full remote learning environments, we thought it would be a good time to introduce five more learning tools to help teachers and students.

Keeping lessons engaging and supporting student focus feels like an impossible task when teaching in a remote environment. Here are a few ideas to help you switch it up and keep it fresh.

  1. Jamboard: A free Google real-time, interactive whiteboard to use with your students during remote teaching. It also allows students to practice spelling, math or answer questions. Teachers can continue teaching remotely with that interactive whiteboard for both synchronous and asynchronous instruction. A teacher can also view the student’s board in real-time to provide immediate feedback.
  2. epic! Books: Need to get kids in grades six or lower reading more? Check out the over 40,000 digital books at epic! As a teacher, you get a free account to access books by grade level for ELA, SEL, audiobooks, social studies, science, math, and science. Read during remote class time or give students a class code to access daily reading and quizzes. You can also customize each student’s reading experience and track their progress.
  3. Kami and Google: If you aren’t already using the Kami Google extension, you are missing out. Digital worksheets and grading made easy. Assign a worksheet in Google Classroom, and students can view, annotate, and collaborate in their digital space. Teachers can even add instructions through video or audio, then check work and provide real-time feedback.
  4. Zoom Breakout Rooms: Need students (especially at the secondary grades levels) to break into group work? Using Zoom breakout rooms makes this possible, and as the teacher, you can switch between sessions at any time. You’ll want to set the ground rules and pre-assign students to the different rooms before your remote class starts. Let the groups work, then reconvene to share their work.
  5. Zoom Games: Need a break? Well, you can break up remote learning and have some fun with Zoom games. Try a virtual escape room! There’s the Ultra Mega Super Death Escape Room (secondary), Hogwarts Digital Escape RoomSpy Apprentice (secondary),  Romeo & Juliet (secondary), Dog Man (elementary – Dav Pilkey Theme), and Jumanji. Make sure to check them out first to make sure they are appropriate for your class, then have fun while learning problem solving and other skills. Need other ideas, just Google “Virtual Escape Rooms.”
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