Transition Math


Functional Math Skills for Home, School, Work, and in the Community

Explore Math Series Curriculum Plus
Explore Budgeting Curriculum Plus

This comprehensive functional math series consists of Explore Math, Explore Math 2, and Explore Budgeting. All three resources follow a simple lesson format: lessons in the Teacher’s Manuals are organized with a learning objective, materials list, and step-by-step teaching procedure. The Student Books offer clear graphics to engage students and tackle challenging concepts with such visual cues. Consumable Student Workbooks allow students to keep and share their progress in math with peers, parents, and instructional staff.

First, Explore Math focuses on functional math concepts like spending money, telling time, scheduling, following maps, interpreting graphs, and understanding paychecks. Then, Explore Math 2 expands these concepts and links them to a particular character’s life through four chapters: Home, Work, Community, and Leisure Math. Lastly, Explore Budgeting links activities to characters’ real-life experiences as they learn how to budget daily, weekly, and monthly. Transition Math helps students apply practical math concepts to real-world situations. With these math skills, students become active participants in the world around them.