Talkables w/Built-in Icon Holders


These compact message communicators allow for simple communication and come with built-in icon holders.

The Talkable ll allows the user to record two messages. Choose between two activities such as asking and answering questions. It has 10 seconds of recording time on each side and two output jacks to activate two devices.

The Talkable lll allows for three 5-second messages; three jacks allow you to activate a toy or device for immediate reinforcement simultaneously.

The Talkable lV allows for four 5-second messages with four jacks to operate devices.

The Talkable IV with Levels allows for four 5-second messages on 12 levels for a total of 240 seconds of record time.

All the Talkables come with clear covers.

*Talkable II & III require 4 AAA batteries. Talkables IV requires 4 AA batteries (not included)