Sensor Switch Kit


Ideal for people with severe movement limitations, this device, which comes with two types of sensors—round disk or twitch switch—enables users to position them wherever they have the greatest degree of muscle control. Sensors can be activated by the slightest of movements and are adjustable for even greater movement sensitivity. The device operates in three modes—momentary, timed and on/off—and its timer is adjustable from one to 120 seconds. Each kit includes two round sensors and two twitch sensors.

Sensitive switches operate one or two devices!

Activated by the slightest movement, our innovative sensor switch allows you to position the sensors wherever the user has the most control. Two types of sensors are included: round disk sensors (2) and Twitch Switch sensors (2) which can be activated by small muscle movements. The sensitivity for each sensor can be easily adjusted to change the amount of movement needed for activation. A small light provides feedback when a switch closure is made.

Operates in three modes: momentary, timed and latch. The timer is adjustable from 1 to 120 seconds. Requires 1 9-V Battery. Weight: ¾ lb.

Description of Features:

On-Off/Sensitivity Control: The knob is used to adjust the sensitivity of switches. Turn the knob clockwise to increase sensitivity and counterclockwise to decrease.

Mode Selector/Timing Control: The small switches on the sides of the selects one of the three modes of operation - Latch Mode, Momentary Mode, or Timed Mode (See “Set-up and Operation”). In Timed Mode, this control is also used to select the amount of time (from 2 to 40 seconds) that you wish the device to remain on after activation of the switch. To increase the time in timed mode, turn the white slotted adjustment knob.

“Switch Output” Indicator Light: The green lamps on the face of the unit will light to indicate that the switch is currently activated. Device Output Jack: The small jack facing the user is used to connect a toy, computer, audio/video or communication device that has a 1/8" plug.

Sensor Element (1): The flexible Sensor Element is provided with non-irritating tape for convenient placement and is plugged into the Sensor Element Jacks.

Sensor Element (2): The small Piezo disc Sensor Element can also be Used to pick up slight vibrations in muscle or on hard surfaces such as a tabletop or lapboard.

Sensor Element Jack: The small jack facing the user is used to plug in the flexible Sensor Elements.

NOTE: Non-returnable for sanitary reasons.