Resetea - Time Management


Resetea was designed by a special education teacher for people with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), cognitive or learning disabilities, dementia, and for use in early childhood education. This device is the perfect partner when organizing a sequence of tasks or activities since it allows the user to see how much time is left for finishing each activity.

Thanks to Resetea, you can measure the time of any activity easily and visualize the passage of time. Select the related pictures symbolizing the task or activity, and let this accessible clock guide you. It indicates when the time for each task is up and when the next one starts, thanks to its illuminated LED lights. Resetea serves as a clock too, offering the option to tell you the time.

By understanding what happens next, anxiety is diminished, and users have a feeling of calm and safety. Use Resetea for all kinds of activities that imply a beginning and an end, or require a specific time for resolution, between 1 and 60 minutes. You can program a sequence of up to 12 different activities which can be visualized in continuity. Resetea is ideal for using at home, school, work, or wherever you need a visual timer.

The lower bar (blue) indicates the passage of time, the colored panels highlight the current activity, while the red panel indicates a past activity.

Resetea Templates (PDF)

Resetea Blank Templates (PDF)