iPad/iPod/Smartphone/Tablet Cordless Music Box


The Smartphone/Tablet Music Box uses Bluetooth (cordless) technology to allow a person with physical or cognitive challenges to control their music from a 'music source' (a smartphone or tablet, or even a computer)! Using 2 or 3 LARGE (1.5") accessible buttons and a GREAT JBL speaker, users can access hundreds of songs, audiobooks, podcasts, and other audio on their music source. The user can use their button to 'step' through their songs, listening for one they like.

The JBL speaker is Bluetooth, so all audio from the music source comes through it, with good sound for such a small speaker. JBL has been in the music speaker business for over 50 years.

Inside the Bluetooth Music Box is a Bluetooth controller, with buttons wired to control the music source.