Ginger Tiger - Special Needs Learning Platform


Ginger Tiger is the largest online activity resource for special needs learners. The web-based program uses hundreds of activities and games to provide an accessible learning platform for children up through second grade. Games are accessible for touch screens, mouse/keyboard control, switch control, and eye gaze. Increase skill progression with flexible difficulty level settings within each activity.

Activities cover:

  • Cause & Effect
  • Basic Skills
  • Math
  • Speech & Language
  • Timing
  • Language Arts

Students can use the program on multiple platforms. Supports iPads, Android tablets, and computers. One sign on is provided. The number of users that can be on under that username at the same time depends on your subscription level. Subscriptions are 1 year.

New and updated games and activities are added every few weeks at no additional charge.

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You can try Ginger Tiger free for 7 days. Be sure to fill in the "How did you hear about us?" field with "Westminster Technologies."