BJOY Stick - Joystick


Make moving your mouse easier with your choice of BJOY Stick. Choose from two different designs for ease of use based on upper body strength and range of motion.

The BJOY Software allows these devices to be tailored to the user’s needs and capabilities. Use the BJOY Software in order to modify the mouse operations like pointer speed, orientation, button functions, etc. All settings are saved in the BJOY Device so you take them with you wherever you go.

*Computer/laptop NOT included

Compatibility: Computers, tablets and smartphones which are cursor-controlled.

*NOTE: Set up of the device must be done on a Windows PC.

Joystick control choices are Progressive or Microswitch. Progressive movement allows the joystick or mouse to be moved in all directions. Microswitch movement only allows movement in 4 or 8 directions. This works like a compass - North, South, East, West for 4 movement points and for 8 movement points Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest are added.

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