Assistive Technology Inventory Checklist

Assistive Technology Inventory Checklist

Is that the Sound of Summer?

Be honest; I am not the only one ready for Summer, Sun, and Sand! However, with Summer comes thoughts for the next school year, which means making to-do lists. Getting organized will make a huge difference and help you plow through that long list so you can get out and enjoy the fresh Summer air.

Assistive Technology Inventory Checklist

Don’t forget to complete an inventory checklist for your assistive technology and training needs. From AAC to computer access and software to training on specific devices and programs, make sure you are ready. Trust me; you do not want to develop a fun, exciting lesson for your students using single message devices to only find out the day before class they aren’t working.

Don’t be left high and dry! Use our assistive technology inventory checklist to track the number of devices you have, how many are working, and how many aren’t working. If devices are not working, will they be sent out to be fixed during the summer, or will they need to be replaced? Do you have enough devices or more batteries? Will you have enough software licenses for fall?

This checklist makes keeping track of your classroom inventory effortless. Not only can you track your device needs, but you can track your software and training needs. Determine how many staff members need to be trained or retrained on a specific technology, policies, or procedures.

We are here to help make things a little easier for you. So, complete your assistive technology checklist, then get ready. You may have rain where you are, but warmer temperatures and sunnier days will be here soon, I promise.

Get your check list here!!!

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