Sunu Band is optimized with two different operation modes for indoor and outdoor scenarios. The indoor mode has a shorter range (7 feet) and is enhanced to detect openings and thresholds, like aisles in a supermarket, exits in a building, spaces between people and so on. The outdoor mode has a longer range (14 feet) and covers a wider area allowing you to detect obstacles above the knees up to head level, like trash cans, phone box, hanging tree branches, etc.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, the Sunu Band can be pointed with minimal movements from your hand, enabling you to feel your surroundings in a very discreet and quick manner. Sunu Band doesn’t interfere with the other senses because it provides vibration feedback and it’s non-obtrusive as you still maintain free use of your hand.


Sunu Tag is a low-power ‘beacon’ that can be clipped to any personal belonging such as keys, backpacks, luggage, to keep track of it and locate it in case it gets lost. Sunu Tags can be activated via Bluetooth from the Sunu Band or your smartphone within a 30 feet range of the tagged article. When activated, the phone or the band’s increasing pulses indicate the Tag’s proximity and the Sunu Tag ‘chirps’ allowing the user to readily find the item.