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When I walk past that cool technology store at the mall it’s so hard to not go in and play with the new technology they have on display. If my kids are wandering around the mall, it’s one of the first places I know I’ll find them (besides the food court because they are teenagers after all). But seriously, who doesn’t like to play with all of this great technology?

Requesting A Technology Demonstration

 Our product demonstrations can be… surprising!

Our product demonstrations can be… surprising!

Before you invest in technology, no matter how expensive or inexpensive, you want to see it and learn more about it. This isn’t any different when it’s a piece of assistive technology for your students or clients. Keeping up on all of the new technology can be difficult with everything else you are doing during the day, so let us help you.

Request a demonstration and we will come to you. But, how much is that going to cost us you ask? Nothing. What was that? Yes, request a demonstration and we will either bring the technology to you for free or schedule a video meeting. We do not charge for a product demonstration because we know how important it is for you to see the technology and learn more about it so you can make informed decisions. If you are farther away, we will set up a Skype meeting to discuss and demonstrate the products.

Not sure what you need or want to see? Go to our website and explore our robust list of assistive technology solutions ranging from accessibility, communication, low vision, and sensory, to robots and the universally designed touch accessible platform.

We provide videos and a list of features for each assistive technology and we also share research and testimonials for many of the products we carry. We pride ourselves in choosing solutions that provide the greatest benefits for individuals of all ability levels.

After your scheduled demonstration, you may have found a product or two that really sparks your creative juices. We offer an AT Loan Program on many of our products in order for you to trial the devices with one or more individuals. Contact us to find out more about our AT Loan Program.

So, let’s get the process started – fill in the form below!