Professional Development

Professional Development

Professional Development from Westminster Technologies is individualized to suit your needs. Whether you choose from one of our current training sessions or request a customized session, our Professional Development Staff begins by identifying what you want the end result to be. Then, we work with you to create an objectives-based program. Sessions, unless otherwise noted, are one hour in length. Contact us to create a customized session.

Professional Development Training Sessions
  • Assistive Technology 101: Full day training covering definitions, legislation, terminology, and an overview of each of the assistive technology categories with examples of low to high tech solutions.
  • Overview of the Assistive Technology Assessment Process: Identify key steps in the assistive technology evaluation process from start to finish. Add on the SETT Framework Overview, Data Collection, and Feature Matching trainings for a more in-depth look into the process.
  • SETT Framework Overview: Focus on the fundamentals of using the SETT (Student, Environment, Tasks, Tools) Framework. Understand how these four principles are used together to find each individual’s needs and facilitate the assistive technology decision making process.
  • Data Collection: Learn simple data collection techniques to compare student progress with and without the technology to simplify the decision making process and find the best technology fit for the student.
  • Feature Matching: Use feature matching activities and the right search tools to make the assistive technology decision making process manageable for your IEP team. Join us to learn how to quickly match a student’s needs and strengths to technology features.
  • Assistive Technology Assessment Train-the-Trainer Series: Identify IEP team members to participate in a 3-day hands-on training to learn the steps in conducting an AT evaluation from the referral to the evaluation report. Training includes a six month mentoring process for all participants.
  • SMART Board Boot Camp: Choose from a 1, 2, or 3 day boot camp to transform your classrooms into interactive learning environments. Learn the basics of creating interactive lesson activities, integrate rich media, adapt and build on current lesson plans, to more advanced digital lesson skills including best practices and tools.

* CEU’s are available upon request.

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