TactileTalk Toolkit


A communication system for students that combines tactile symbols with voice output.

Product Features:

  • Helps with communication and literacy practice
  • Provides tangible symbols organized on sheets for overlays
  • Overlays correspond with prepared pages in the GoTalk NOW App
  • Includes GoTalk NOW App, TactileTalk in-app Communication Book, 30 pre-made overlays, and the TactileTalk Guidebook

** iPad and iPad cases are not included. Compatible with 9.7-inch iPads only **

Creating a communication system for students with complex needs, who are visually impaired or have multiple disabilities, can be challenging and time-consuming. TactileTalk Toolkit can help! It focuses on communication and literacy skills by combining tactile symbols with voice output.

Here’s how it works: Tangible symbols represent objects, activities, places, people, and concepts, like a spoon for eating and bells for music. Several objects are organized on a transparent sheet with borders and other symbols made with unique tactile paint. These sheets function as overlays for an iPad screen, corresponding to preprogrammed pages in the GoTalk NOW App using the TactileTalk Communication Book. Students feel the object for reference and tap the screen for corresponding voice output. For example, tapping the bells image to play “I’d like to listen to music.” An accompanying TactileTalk Guidebook helps you integrate tangible symbols into the school day and provides examples for using this product with students with various disabilities.


  • GoTalk NOW app
  • TactileTalk in-app Communication Book
  • 30 pre-made TactileTalk Overlays
  • TactileTalk Guidebook


    • Main Menu
    • Snacks
    • Drinks
    • Sensory
    • Free Time
    • Motor Activity
    • Concepts/Categories
    • Textures
    • Shapes
    • Sizes
    • Positions
    • Counting
    • Greetings
    • Categories
    • Locations
    • Routines
    • Morning Routine
    • Lunch Routine
    • Grooming Routine
    • Body and Facial Parts
    • Parts of the Face
    • Body Parts
    • Charlotte’s Web
    • Customizable Templates