Sensory Wall Panels


This broad range of Sensory Wall Panels provides various visual, auditory and tactile experiences. They encourage discovery and interaction, develop eye-hand coordination and improve motor skills and movement. All panels require 4 C batteries.

Available options are:

  • Infinity Mirror - Pass your hand in front of this mesmerizing wall panel, and it will reflect a never-ending tunnel of multicolored LEDs and play soothing piano music. Activates for 15 seconds and requires some low room light.
  • Lighted Fan - Press the dome on this sensory wall panel and enjoy a gentle breeze and multi-colored light show. PLEASE NOTE: Not to be used by seizure-prone individuals.
  • Moving Marbles - Translucent marbles move when touched, and when the plate is pressed the panel lights up for a cool, tactile experience.
  • Musical Fireworks - Lights flash and music and sounds play when the dome is pressed, playing a celebration tune and the sound of fireworks.
  • Ocean Gel - Enjoy a simulated seaside experience with our ocean-themed sensory wall panel. Move a hand in front of the sensor panel, and it lights up and plays ocean and dolphin sounds. Press on its gel-filled pad, and watch the fish inside swim around! Activation lasts for 15 seconds, with an on/off vibration option.
  • Peek-A-Boo - As you move the bead chains to look in the mirror, soft red lights will shine while the music box plays. With the added on/off vibration, experience a great sensory exploration.
  • Touch Light Blue/Orange/Pink - Press the textured plate, and the panel lights up while music plays. It features six different songs that play for 20 seconds each, and on/off vibration.
  • UV Light - Blacklight LED’s create dramatic color against the UV reflective strands. Strands have great textures while mirror adds dramatic visual effects.