Robots4Autism is a solution to help students with autism learn and generalize the social, emotional, and behavioral skills that will help them to be able to interact more effectively with other people and that will allow them to self-regulate, resulting in reduced classroom interruptions and increased time for learning.

The Robots4Autism program is comprised of the following key components:

1. Powerful Curriculum built on Evidenced-Based Practices - Specifically designed to teach Social, Emotional, and Behavioral skills. The curriculum is also designed to help the learner to generalize socially appropriate behavior.

2. Milo - A humanoid robot that consistently delivers the curriculum and with whom the children connect in a way not accomplished by other humans.


40 - 60% of the students that are exposed to the Robots4Austism program will experience life-changing benefits in as little as 1 - 4 months; a few of which include:

 Rapid decreases in disruptions and meltdowns
 Increased understanding of human emotions and their meanings
 Dramatic increases in verbalization and attempts to use language and expand vocabulary
 Changes in behavior and interaction at home

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