Robot-Assisted Instruction Software - The WOZ Teacher's Aide


Research shows that many students with ASD respond more readily to robots than they do humans. The robots work with children on simple social and academic skills. The children are less intimidated by robots and are naturally drawn to technology. Robots have simple external features and are compact in size. They interact with students through personalized lessons that are designed to decrease the natural anxiety levels that many students with ASD suffer from when faced with processing traditional social settings.

The WOZ Teacher’s Aide system is easy to use and includes everything you need to provide fun and effective learning. The robot leads the children through games and activities, however a teacher or therapist must be present to run the sessions. Each activity is designed to provide fundamental skills training using evidence-based techniques. 

This software is compatible with a variety of humanoid robots, including NAO, iPal, Misty II, and Kebbi, each providing an appealing and nonthreatening platform for social interaction and instruction.

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