GlassOuse - Head Mouse Control


GlassOuse is a Bluetooth Head Mouse that allows someone with limited hand control the opportunity to use computers and other personal devices by simply moving their head. The device can control any mouse driven software. It will also control Android devices with the use of the third party app SwiftKey Keyboard. GlassOuse is charged with a standard micro B USB cable, and the battery runs up to 15 hours for full day use.

GlassOuse has a 3.5mm switch jack that can be combined with different switch options to perform clicking actions, or it can be used via a Dwell software. This version includes a removable bite-switch. The temples of the GlassOuse are hinged so they will fold.

*Computer/laptop/tablet/mobile device NOT included

Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, ChromeOS
Wireless Connection: Bluetooth
Display: Best for screens measuring 10" to 27"