Braille Printer Basic-D V5


The INDEX Basic-D is the best selling braille embosser model in the world for a reason: it's embossing speed! It is also being extremely robust and attractive. Building on that tradition, INDEX now offers the Basic-D Version 5 (V5) with modern connectivity options like wireless embossing, USB embossing and even on-board braille translation to automatically convert .doc, .txt and .pdf files to braille.

  • 110 characters/second – fastest braille embosser at the price!
  • Quality double-sided Braille – the industry standard.
  • High-resolution tactile graphics – up to 50 dpi.
  • Built in Wi-Fi for embossing with smartphones and tablets.
  • USB port for embossing from a USB-drive, backing up or updating.
  • Control panel with braille labels, speech feedback, backlit text & keys.
  • Compact size – can go with you everywhere.
  • Tractor feed paper – the most reliable sheet feeding technology!
  • Built in Bluetooth for external speakers in noisy environments.
  • Updated firmware with recovery mode and Acapela multilingual speech.
  • User defined paper sizes for custom documents.