BraiBook is the first pocket-sized E-reader that is able to convert your favorite books or documents in PDF, ePub or text to Braille. Then, refreshable Braille letters are generated under the user's index finger.

Thanks to its ergonomic design and its size, you can carry the device with one hand and store more than 8,000 books in your library.

BraiBook has simple joystick navigation that lets you access the menu, control the reading speed, audio volume, fast forward or rewind, words, phrases or pages; choose the kind of reading of 6 or 8 points in braille as well as choose to read at any time.

A headphone jack is available for the user as well, so while reading the document in Braille, you can listen to it being read.


Too easy - just connect BraiBook to your computer or device via USB or Bluetooth and copy the document to BraiBook. That's it. You're ready to go!