We've separated our products into nine areas that best categorize their intended use. (Questions? Contact us!)

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The TAPit is a height and tilt adjustable platform. It differentiates between intended and unintended touches.


Research shows students with special needs are instinctively drawn to robots, achieving greater success.


In this area, you will find products including eye gaze systems, alternative mouse systems, switches, and much more.


Educators are seeing the benefits of becoming certified for Autism and a variety of other cognitive disorders.


These items help non-verbal people, or people with limited speech to communicate in phrases, or sentences.

Low Vision

Products here help assess a person's vision, or help someone with vision problems identify items in their path.

Music Therapy

These products allow users who are unable to play a traditional instrument the chance to create music.


Deep Pressure Therapy products are in this area along with a variety of items that appeal to a person's tactile needs.


Our programs and packages can be used with switches in some cases. Other items work on literacy skills.