Robots4Autism Research & More

Here are a variety of case studies and success stories involving Milo and the Robots4Autism program:

Success Stories:

KIPP Truth Elementary Shady Lane Elementary
Spartanburg 7 Tennessee

Case Studies:

KIPP Truth  Robot-Child Interaction

The economic benefit being realized by school districts = 1/20th the cost to provide services, with greater results. 

  • Increase the number of hours of instruction Learners with ASD receive
  • Improve the effectiveness of instruction
  • Reduce the cost of high-quality 1:1 instruction

Therapists, educators, and para-professionals use Milo, Robots4Autism’s humanoid social robot, together with traditional intervention methods to help individuals with ASD reach their developmental goals. Innovative robot-generated instruction teaches social understanding and improves a learner’s ability to use social behaviors in natural contexts. The objectives of robot interventions include learning to pick up on emotions, express empathy, act more appropriately in social situations, self-motivate, and generalize in the population.

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