What is Robot-Assisted Instruction?

Why a robot?

Movia Robotics

Kids engage with robots as social entities. They talk and play with robots and treat them as a friend or peer. The robots are simple and patient, providing nonjudgmental companionship. Children love robots, which are not judgmental, and are consistent and systematic. Research shows that many children with autism and other special needs respond more readily to robots than they do to humans.

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Case Study - RAI in West Hartford Public School System

RAI Research & Efficacy

RAI (Robot-Assisted Instruction) Benefits

RAI helps to give children focus, increase their attention span, and accelerate their learning trajectory. The entertaining lessons, games, and activities motivate the children to interact with their robots more and more, leading to increased time on task and improved outcomes.

  • Reduces workload on teachers, parents and therapists & increases observation time
  • Helps reduce anxiety and stress on educators and students
  • Helps children achieve and retain learning goals more quickly

Education & Therapy

Backed by years of research and development, RAI can be delivered in schools, clinics, and the home. Written by educators and therapists, the content aligns with the highest standards for special education curricula and therapeutic delivery.

RAI has proven itself effective for addressing symptoms of autism and increasing children’s success in the classroom. Sessions can be targeted at individuals or groups, allowing teachers and therapists tremendous flexibility. In some cases, students who have ASD behaviors no longer exhibit those behaviors when they are with the robot; engaging with the robot becomes a calming technique.

RAI offers a rich opportunity for delivering activities that utilize Universal Design for Learning (UDL). The lessons and applications align with current national and state standards.

Many children with Autism and other special needs respond more readily to robots than they do to humans. RAI supports interaction and growth through personalized lessons. Activities are designed so that children will succeed in building social, behavioral, academic, verbal, and non-verbal communication skills.

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