Jamboxx Software

The Jamboxx application is included with every Jamboxx and is available for free download at the Microsoft Store, the Mac Store and the Apple App Store (for iPad users). Start jamming in minutes — no fingerings to learn. Set your key and scale, and you’ll always be in tune! A great way to learn how to play the Jamboxx and have fun at the same time! When you’re ready, take the Jamboxx on the road to your favorite performance venue!

The Jamboxx software includes dozens of bundled instruments. You can also send the Jamboxx MIDI notes to your favorite Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) such as Ableton Live, Reaper or GarageBand and play any instrument you load into your DAW.

Moreover, every Jamboxx instrument comes with a perpetual license to Ableton Live Lite! Ableton is the common choice of musicians for their live performances.

There are three modes:

1. PLAY: use this mode for live performances and free-play / practice. (ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE PLUS OPTION)
2. LEARN: play songs (over 25 included) by following the falling notes on screen (akin to Guitar Hero).
3. JAM: Play along and improvise with eight different animations (e.g. Farm animals, vehicles, drums, etc.)

PLAY Mode (Jamboxx Plus only)
Jamboxx - Play Mode

The dynamic keyboard on-screen gives instantaneous, visual feedback on note position. For example, notice the orange triangles on the figure above. Even when you’re not moving air through the Jamboxx, you’ll still see the note position on the screen.


The Jamboxx LEARN mode (styled after Guitar Hero but with a real instrument) lets you practice a song of your choice. Select your instrument and tempo and then play in time to the notes as they scroll down the screen.


There are dozens of songs to play in LEARN mode divided into Easy, Medium and Hard categories.

JAM Mode

Play along to different songs in eight different scenes by playing instruments like guitar, drums or saxophone or make crazy sounds like motorcycles, cows, burps, and groans.


Scenes (and songs) include:

  1. Farm Animals (Old MacDonald)
  2. Swamp Monsters (Wink & Nod)
  3. Guitar Rocker (Rock & Roll)
  4. Drums (Rockin’ the Hills)
  5. Emotions (Happy or Sad)
  6. Choir (Pachelbels’ Canon)
  7. Vehicles (Wheels on the Bus)
  8. Saxophone (Johnny be Bad)

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