The ZORA Solution for the NAO Robot allows the robot to work with special needs students. This solution offers a range of pre-programmed activities which offer optimal interaction between the robot and the user. The interface is web-based and allows the user to have as complete – or as little control of their robot as they want.

Through this interface a user can:

  • Walk the robot forward, backward, or turn left or right
  • Turn the robot’s head left or right and up or down
  • See what the robot is seeing through a live feed from the robot’s camera
  • Record the robot’s camera feed
  • Type in text for the robot to speak
  • Control the speed and pitch of the robot’s voice
  • Easily select pre-programmed activities with the click of an icon
  • Program the robot using simple drag-and-drop icons

Additionally, the interface allows the user to choose from over 50 different activities, games and dances which allow the robot to help lead a class and function as an extension of the teacher. These activities are triggered simply by clicking the icon of the desired behavior. Many of the activities which come pre-programmed into the ZORA Solution allow the user to customize what the robot does or says or how the robot interacts.

The ZORA Solution also offers the ability to program the robot without ever using any programming code. Everything is done with simple drag and drop menus and filling information into text boxes. Creating new animations for your NAO Robot can’t get much easier!

The ZORA Solution works best with the Google Chrome web browser. Once the ZORA Solution is installed on your NAO Robot, any device using a Google Chrome browser can access the robot and the web-based interface.