Wooden Figure Sets

Perfect for small hands, these sets will be a favorite resource in any pre-school or kindergarten classroom. They enable children to take different roles as they retell their favorite stories. If you want to promote purposeful play in your classroom and meet core standards, these sets are must have.

Book Packs

Each book pack includes a set of colorful sequence cards identifying characters, settings and major events in each nursery rhyme. The book packs are a great way to develop the kind of language that children need for story writing and meeting core standards. Of course, when children know stories by heart they love to tell them to you.

Each book pack includes:

  • Teacher’s book – full of creative and engaging movement, music, role play and writing activities to use across the curriculum
  • Story cards – ideal for use front-of-class with bright, engaging illustrations and the rhyming text on the reverse
  • Audio CD – includes sung and spoken versions of the story

Interactive CD

The interactive CD series helps children learn with a variety of hands-on experiences involving popular nursery rhymes and more. Young children’s interactions with technology should be active, playful, hands-on, engaging and empowering. For each rhyme, there are activities that allow children to play with the characters on screen plus related games and activities and interactive non-fiction text with real photos and videos. This software is fully compatible for use on interactive whiteboards and is enhanced for both SMART and Promethean. Also suitable for use on Windows and MAC.