Skoog 1.0 Bundle


The Skoog 1.0 Bundle contains everything you need to complete your Skoog experience!

Compatibility: Windows or Mac PCs.


  • 1 Skoog 1.0
  • 1 Mount – Mount can easily lock onto the base of your Skoog and the suction cup on the other end of the mount can lock onto almost any flat surface! Alternatively the clamp also included in the kit can clamp to almost any chair or frame. It will surely help you discover and invent numerous new and exciting ways to play your Skoog.
  • 1 USB Active Extension Cable – For those of you that need a little more reach than the standard Skoog cable will provide, this Active USB extension allows you to extend your Skoog’s reach by an additional 16 feet! (Please note that the Skoog will not function correctly with standard/non-active USB extension cables.)
  • 1 Neoprene Skoog Carry Case – This durable case allows you to take your Skoog wherever you want! (Choice of colors - limited quantities available in red and green.)