Jamboxx Washable Mouthpiece

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The Jamboxx Washable Mouthpiece is specifically designed for the Jamboxx Music Therapy / Special Needs instrument. These instruments are most often used in classroom or group settings, and the washable mouthpieces allow each student to have their own.

The Washable Mouthpiece uses a medical-grade one-way check valve that lets the user puff into the Jamboxx but not sip. Thus air only moves into the Jamboxx but not back to the user. This valve is designed to prevent cross-contamination from student to student.

To wash the mouthpiece, simply hand-wash with dish soap. Each Jamboxx Music Therapy / Special Needs unit comes with 15 washable mouthpieces.

To attach the mouthpiece to the Jamboxx instrument, align the tabs on the Jamboxx slider with the openings at the bottom of the Washable Mouthpiece and then press onto the slider. Give the mouthpiece a quarter turn to lock in place. To remove, reverse the process.

It is priced as a single Washable Mouthpiece.