Sunu Band - Sonar Smart Watch


Sunu Band is a sonar smartband that improves navigation for the visually impaired. Sunu Band combines sonar or echolocation with gentle precise vibrations to inform the user about objects or obstacles within their environment. It augments awareness of the user’s personal space, reduces accidents and ultimately improves confidence while providing a more fluid and enjoyable mobility.

The Sunu Band now works in conjunction with a FREE mobile app on your smartphone. Take a look at it!

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Users of Sunu Band wear it in conjunction with the cane or guide dog to augment awareness and complement mobility by detecting obstacles to the body and head in a way that's discreet and unobtrusive.

The Sunu Band is:

  • A complementary mobility aid, you will detect upper body obstacles from your knees to your head up to 15 feet ahead.
  • Hands free. Since users do not need to hold or carry it in their bag, full of devices. Once in the wrist is ready for use and include smart gestures.
  • Powered by a Mobile App. Use your smartphone to adjust Sunu Band settings to the ones you prefer and update Sunu Band firmware when needed.
  • A simple interface. With just 2 side buttons and a sensitive touch pad learn Sunu Band functionality is easy and fast.