MANOtouch 4 Electronic Magnifier


MANOtouch demonstrates the next generation of electronic magnifiers. By combining function with operating comfort and design, the MANOtouch is user-friendly and contemporary. It has been developed and manufactured with the highest quality standards.

With its high-resolution HD camera and autofocus capabilities, the displayed text and pictures are enhanced and crystal clear. The system operates with virtual buttons on the contrast-enhanced touch display and can be organized in a customized manner including tactile feedback if desired.

The multi-functional protective cover serves as a comfortable reading/writing stand. The MANOtouch offers a variety of functions for individual needs, e.g., distance viewing mode, HDMI-port for the connection of an external monitor (e.g., TV), and a large image memory.

Highest image quality - contrast enhanced, flicker-free, in high resolution, FullHD+ quality:

  • LVHD-technology (Low-Vision-High-Definition): Optimal image processing always ensures a high-quality picture with minimized blurring of characters even when reading at speed.
  • NELE-technology (Natural-Evolutionary-Light-Experience): 
    Minimizes reflections of high gloss text and pictures.
  • TPZ-technology (distortion correction): The image will always be displayed with no distortions, even in an inclined position of the electronic magnifier.