MagniLink S Premium 2


Fits all your needs

MagniLink S Premium 2 is the ultimate video magnifier for you with high demands on both quality and mobility. It offers superior image quality, modern technology, and really smart features. It’s also easy to carry, for example, between home and school or a workplace – and connects to a computer (PC/Mac/Chromebook) or a monitor. Thus, you can choose the features and options that fit your needs.

Superior Image Quality

MagniLink S Premium 2 excels in brightness, sharpness, and contrast, and the unit has the latest technology; HDMI connection and high-resolution camera with no ghosting. The result is a superior image for maximized reading speed and reading endurance.

Both for distance and reading

Switching between distance and reading mode is easy. Just turn the camera head, and flip up the camera lens and your MagniLink S Premium 2 becomes a distance camera in a second.