GoTap Braille


Product Features:

  • Helps teach and reinforce braille
  • Over 80 pages of activities
  • Includes GoTap Braille App, 32 overlays, five templates, tactile manipulatives, and the GoTap Braille Guidebook
  • Designed for 10.2-inch iPads. (Some modification is required for 9.7-inch iPads.)

** iPad not included.

GoTap Braille is an iPad app that teaches and reinforces braille. Designed for inclusive settings in the early years, following a framework in which typically developing peers learn to read, the app teaches the over 180 Unified English Braille (UEB) contractions contained in Dolch and other sight words. Sighted peers can sit alongside and learn the same words, sentences, and paragraphs in print.

Field-tested GoTap Braille is engaging and interactive. With over 80 pages of activities, including tactile manipulatives and overlays, students can reinforce tactile discrimination skills, match words, create words and sentences, and read sentences and paragraphs, all with auditory feedback. The included GoTap Braille Guidebook discusses the rationale and how to get started with this early literacy program. Also, the guidebook provides suggestions for supplemental technologies, along with sample lessons showing how teachers can further engage students in learning braille. GoTap Braille was designed to be used by a teacher of the visually impaired (TVI). Still, because of its unique features, a paraprofessional can also use it under the direction of a certified TVI.