Necessity is the Mother of Invention and the Father of the ProxTalker

April 17, 2017 by Gary Tilbe

This is what sparked Glen Dobbs to design, create, and adapt new devices and accessories for individuals with disabilities. He was frustrated with the lack of progress his son, Logan, was making with communication. Despite having access to the best and brightest therapists and teachers in the country, his progress remained stagnant.

The Creation of the ProxTalker

Logan has severe autism. He’s non-verbal and can be violent. The frustration from not being able to communicate his feelings and wants compounded that. He wasn’t capable of using an iPad, and the lite-tech devices that were available at the time simply didn’t suit his needs.

Logan had mastered communication using a PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) Binder but was having a great deal of difficulty transitioning from that system into a dynamic AAC device. But Glen and his wife, Kristi, knew Logan was capable of more if they could just find the right way to teach him. One day, Kristi thought how great it would be if the cards could talk. That sparked the wheels in her engineer-husband’s mind.

Several months later, Glen presented Logan and his SLP with a prototype of his new invention, the Logan ProxTalker – A modular AAC system that brings speech and tactile button activation to a PECS-inspired methodology. It was also completely customizable so his family could add photos, attach the tags to and insert them in toys and record his family’s voices to go with them.


It was working! It was so liberating for the family until…Logan threw his ProxTalker out of the car window and it smashed. Soon after, he threw another prototype out of a canoe.

Glen’s solution? The ProxTalker that you find today is virtually indestructible AND water resistant! Communication shouldn’t be limited by environment. It might fall off the table or down the stairs. Take it to the lake or the pool for camp and vacations.

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