Headpod above the Rest

May 15, 2017 by Cathy Mulholland OTR/L

As a professional that has worked with children and adults with cerebral palsy and other disabilities that affect motor control, finding the right head and neck support can be a difficult endeavor. Without the right support, even an individual with fair head control can have compromised eating and breathing and can quickly become fatigued during activities. Proper head control is the key for many in order to have support during mealtime as well as to be a successful AAC or computer user.

Headpod: Dynamic Head Support

The Headpod Dynamic Head Support system has been designed to provide a unique type of head support. The concept behind the Headpod is to begin to position the individual’s head in the neutral point of balance over their base of support, while sitting upright. Through repetitive functional head movement, the goal is to promote strengthening of the musculature needed for greater functional range of movement in head control over time.

Headpod: So how does this system work?

Instead of using neck traction, it uses a vertical re-positioning device to support the weight of the head and neck. This allows the neck muscles to raise the head using less strength and more precision for a more upright and balanced position.

The arm attaches to a headrest or back of a wheelchair, stander, stroller, or even a soft-backed seat without a headrest. The forehead and occipital straps are aligned and then the attaching strap is hung from the suspension arm which facilitates lateral and rotational movement of the head, helping to build muscles.
Visit the link below to watch videos and see how this free-moving support system allows for better visual interaction with surroundings, improves hand to eye coordination, decreases dystonia, and provides a better balanced posture to help prevent musculoskeletal deformities, contractures, and pain.

The Headpod system is worth a closer look if you have any students or clients who are in need of better head support.

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