Entrepeneur Breaks Limits

Paul Tudisco is a 31-year-old from Brooklyn, NY. Like many people, he is an entrepreneur and small business owner. Like many small business owners, he has faced his share of challenges. One, in particular, has shaped his business.

Paul has Cerebral Palsy.

He was inspired to create a product and a business because of the daily struggle he faces. How does someone with Cerebral Palsy or others with limited mobility in their hand or wrist use a touchscreen device?

The phrase, “Necessity is the mother of invention” has been around for hundreds of years – because it’s true.

Because of Paul’s necessity – he created the Limitless Stylus. It took months of research and engineering for Paul to make his invention a reality – but his hard work paid off when he unveiled his first version in 2012.

 Paul Tudisco

Paul Tudisco

 Limitless Stylus

Limitless Stylus

Its impact has been great because everywhere we look there are more and more touchscreens. People without the ability to use these devices have trouble connecting socially with social media becoming more and more popular. Not being able to connect ultimately inhibits a person’s independence.

Since its inception, the product has seen some revisions and updates. It is now available in two sizes and with four different stylus angles, allowing it to help more people. The Limitless Stylus uses two pieces of Velcro to wrap around the user’s wrist – thus allowing use of touchscreens!

After creating the first Limitless Stylus, Paul found that he could text, play games, or use his device like never before. Paul’s work and commitment to helping others has earned him special recognition from the Brooklyn Developmental Disabilities Council.

People like Paul remind us that the word “disability” is not very accurate. Paul has already accomplished a lot more than many other people without a “disability” ever will.