BJLive! Like there’s no Tomorrow


As the founder of BJLIve!, Joaquin Romero knows firsthand the importance of using technology to accomplish everyday tasks, “Technology has helped to improve my life. Our hope is that it can help many more people.” Joaquin, who has multiple sclerosis, along with his brother, Borja, decided to commit themselves to developing powerful, yet easy to use technology. Both technical engineers, the brothers have been successfully developing assistive technology since 2002.  

Ring in the Accessibility

BJLive! has several great products but one that stands out for me is the BJOY Ring. A simple solution with a big job for individuals using a power wheelchair. The BJOY Ring turns a wheelchair joystick into a mouse for computers, compatible tablets, and smartphones.


The BJOY Wired Ring can access one device at a time, but the BJOY Wireless Ring can access up to four devices. Those four devices can be used in multiple locations, such as home, school or work, and mounted to the wheelchair. This device gives users quick access to all of their compatible devices and computers wherever they need it.

The easy to assemble and sleek design makes using a wheelchair joystick as a mouse a breeze. For many with physical disabilities who already use a power wheelchair joystick, the learning curve of the BJOY Ring is very manageable. Add external switches for easy mouse clicking and modify the joystick to the user’s needs by programming it with the BJOY Software. Adjust the cursor speed and mouse clicks for a customized experience. The software stores the user's preferred settings directly on the BJOY Ring, following them with every device they use.