Building a Foundation

“We have no money for that.”

“We just can’t afford it.”

“That is too expensive.”

As a school administrator, are these sentences you find yourself saying on a regular basis? Special Education costs money and plenty of it. You know you want to help your staff and students succeed, but there are no workarounds to financial reality. So how about a way to change those realities?

Getting Your Special Ed Grant Approved

Every Special Education Teacher I have spoken to has their wish list – the stuff they love and really want to add to their classroom. Why doesn’t it happen? Why don’t the teachers get it? In most cases the roadblock has to do with money. Yep – cash, bread, moolah.  It’s green – the universal signal for go – but not having it puts a giant stop sign in your path.

5 New Low Vision Products

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign!

Like the song Signs by Five Man Electric Band, everywhere we go there are signs. We need to be able to read at home, at school or work, and in the community. For individuals with low vision, this everyday activity can be a challenge. There are many assistive technology options available, but today I want to share with you a great handheld video magnifier and more.


Lilly HD Handheld Video Magnifier

The Lilly 3.5” HD Handheld Video Magnifier makes reading on the go so much easier. It’s a small device with a big job. Weighing less than a pound, it easily fits in a pocket, backpack, or purse for quick and easy access.

The 3.5” display allows the user to magnify text or pictures from 2x – 24x with continuous magnification while maintaining high definition quality. Simply lay the reader flat and slide it across the reading material such as a book or worksheet. The reader can also be used to read labels on canned goods, menus, and price tags.

This easy to use device allows individuals with vision impairments the independence they want at a great price of $199. Check out the Lilly HD here.

More is better, right?

If the handheld magnifier isn’t quite what you need, we have more great products with a suite of software programs for low vision. From a screen magnifier that can magnify your computer screen up to 64x magnification to a screen reader that can read all text, menus, icons, and scanned documents with natural sounding voices.

More you say? The Dolphin Easy Converter that allows document conversion to various formats such as a large print document, an MP3 audio file, or Braille. Then, print any newly converted Braille document to the Basic-D V5 Braille Embosser. Make all your documents accessible through magnification, audio or Braille with these great software programs. Go to our Low Vision products page to explore and learn more about each of these great low vision assistive technology tools.