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Yellow Door products are designed to help you meet common core standards in a way that is aligned with the principles of developmentally appropriate practice outlined in the NAEYC position statements. Yellow Door can help you deliver high quality early childhood educational programs and support learning through play in your school, day care center, early childhood classroom or autism program.

Stones, Pebbles & More

Yellow Door: Stones, Pebbles & More

Yellow Door’s learning stones and pebbles sets appeal to a child’s natural instinct to explore, investigate, sort and collect. Specially cast from a durable resin and stone mix, they are ideal for use in sand, water and small-world play – indoors and out! Big enough for the smallest child to handle safely, each pebble is engraved and hand-painted. Also included with each set is a handy teacher’s guide.

Appeal to children’s natural instinct to sort and collect, these pebbles will encourage them to explore alphabet concepts in their play (uppercase, lowercase, glow-in-the-dark, jumbo pebbles and word building sets sold separately)
Engraved with faces showing 8 or 12 common emotions
These letters are just made to touch, sort and have fun with! They are ideal to enhance children’s letter awareness and recognition, to support phonics and alphabet activities and for simple wordbuilding games.
These beautiful stones offer a tactile and visual way of introducing young children to letter formation. Each stone is carefully engraved to provide important sensory feedback. Starting at the green dot children will enjoy tracing each letter shape with their finger – over and over again. Available in both uppercase and lowercase sets.
These tactile set of ten number stones allows children to get hands-on with number formation by starting at the green dot and following the guiding arrows on each of the numbers.
Develop early mathematical skills with these attractive Ladybug stones. Durable and weatherproof they can be used to explore counting to 20, subitizing, odd and even numbers, and addition and subtraction.
With two of each number from 0-10, this sum-building set is ideal for sorting, matching, number sequencing and exploring number bonds to 10 (number bonds and sum-building sets sold separately)
Develop letter recognition, word-building and blending skills
Enable children to have sensory experiences by experimenting with the raised and indented shapes and patterns
Explore color, shape and pattern
Great storytelling resource for teachers. This set represents places, times, characters, questions and ideas

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Come Alive

Yellow Door: Come Alive

Young children’s interactions with technology should be active, playful, hands-on, engaging and empowering. Those principles are very well expressed in the NAEYC Fred Rogers Joint position statement on technology but finding developmentally appropriate software for Early Childhood can pose a challenge. When children know stories by heart they love to tell them to you. Yellow Door’s “Come Alive” series helps children learn with a variety of hands-on experiences involving popular nursery rhymes, superheroes and more.

includes a set of colorful sequence cards, identifying characters, settings and major events. This is a great way to develop the kind of language that children need for story writing.
Designed to encourage discussion and collaborative learning, children will show you how much story language they’ve learned as they move characters around on screen and retell the story, choosing what role to take in recreating the drama. This interactive CD-ROM also includes games and activities linked to the story, interactive non-fiction text and a teacher resource bank including all the story and character images in popular whiteboard software. (For use on your ITP, Tilt-and-Touch Table, and other interactive devices)
These sets enable children to take different roles as they retell a lively story. Promote purposeful play in your classroom and meet core standards.

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Active Learning

Yellow Door: Active Learning

Yellow Door’s “Active Learning” series encourages number recognition, letter recognition and understanding of phonemes. Yellow Door’s Active Learning Vests have clear PVC pockets on the front for use with the Active Alphabet Cards, Number Cards and Phonics Cards. The vests are phthalate-free and washable.
Alphabet Cards – 52 double-sided cards show each letter as both upper and lowercase plus initial sound pictures and photos
Number Cards – 52 double-sided cards show numbers 1-10 as numerals, number words, color photos and dot arrays
Phonics Cards – 64 cards clearly showing the phoneme on one side and a list of words for blending on the reverse

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Talk About

Yellow Door: Talk About

For language development, vocabulary building and developing early concepts, this Yellow Door series of photographic language flash cards is ideal for special education, English language learners and children coming into Pre-K or K with limited language. The range includes photo action flash cards, photo nouns, photo prepositions and photo emotions flash cards. Each set offers clear color images that are up to date and culturally diverse. Each Yellow Door set also includes a CD-ROM with sorting and classifying activities in interactive whiteboard software. There’s also a printable assessment checklist covering all stages of language development.

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Tune Into

Yellow Door: Tune Into

Yellow Door’s “Tune Into” series offers fun and flexible listening games with different levels of play. From sounds at home to outside sounds; from sounds on the farm to nursery rhymes and initial sounds, these fabulous listening games develop the essential sound discrimination skills that underpin good phonological and phonemic awareness. Ideal for early childhood, kindergarten, 1st grade and special education, listening games can be played at different levels to suit the needs of groups or individuals.

Offering more flexibility than traditional listening lotto games, Yellow Door’s large and durable photo cards can be dealt among players to provide a different game each time. Choose from games at three different levels to challenge children to discriminate between the various sounds and pictures. The audio CD also includes each of the sounds as an individual track. This is ideal for introducing the sounds and for working with children who need a lot of support with listening.

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