At Westminster Technologies, our team provides both assistive technology evaluations and train-the-trainer sessions to make sure a thorough assessment for assistive technology is provided.

We work with your team, from referral to technology implementation, to find the right match for each individual.

Whether you prefer requesting assistive technology evaluations on an as needed basis or choosing a contract option, we will work with you to provide the best fit for your AT needs.

When a referral for evaluation is received, we will work with you to get the assessment scheduled as quickly as possible. An assistive technology evaluation report will be provided within one week of the completed evaluation.

Once the report has been reviewed by the IEP team, we provide monthly consultation services to make sure the team has support during the technology trials and data collection process until the final assistive technology decision making has been completed.

What to expect from Assistive Technology Evaluations

  • Review of the IEP and other documentation provided by the team
  • Review of completed forms (provided by AT evaluator for completion by the team)
  • Observation of student/client in his/her environment (e.g. classroom, therapy, etc.)
  • Discussions with teachers/therapists, and examination of work samples

After the evaluation, the AT Evaluator will collect all observation data and create a report with multiple recommendations in each area of need from low to high tech options. Whenever possible, each recommendation will include free demo or loaner information.

The Train-the-Trainer session provides a 3-day intensive, hands-on training for a maximum of 5 IEP team members. The course is structured to deliver instruction on the evaluation process from start to finish, including hands-on opportunities and completion of an AT Evaluation report. Six months of mentoring is provided for the attendees to ensure confidence and success.

When you are ready to request an evaluation, download the referral form below to get started. A member of our team will get back to you ASAP.