• Westminster Welcomes StarrMatica

    StarrMatica Learning Systems

    StarrMatica is the nation’s first library of standards-aligned digital content.

    Westminster Welcomes StarrMatica

    Westminster Technologies is excited to add StarrMatica Learning Systems to our family of technology products.

    The StarrMatica library provides teachers and students with access to 5,000 K-6 reading, math, science, and social studies simulations, animations, activities, games and assessments. Content is searchable by grade, topic, state standard, Common Core, and textbook curricula.

    Teachers use StarrMatica with interactive technologies for whole class instruction; with response systems for formative assessment; or with computers and tablets for individual interventions, differentiation or enrichment.
  • Catalog

    Westminster Technologies, Inc. 2015 Assistive Technology Products Catalog

    Get the Westminster Technologies 2015 Product Catalog.

    Westminster Technologies 2015 Product Catalog

    Westminster Technologies, Inc. offers a diverse array of assistive technology product. Each product we represent has been carefully researched and tested by us to confirm its effectiveness on its own and to be part of an overall solution we can customize for you.

    We put a value on our name and take pride in representing only those assistive technology products that we can confidently say will be of maximum benefit to those who need them the most.

    Get information on our entire assistive technology products lineup in our 2015 catalog.
  • Demo Equipment

    Tilt-n-Touch Table

    Demo equipment like the Digital Nursery Tilt & Touch Table is available.

    Gently-Used Demo Equipment Available

    Westminster Technologies uses various products for presentations and trade shows. Periodically, we offer some of these gently-used products for a reduced cost.

    You can see a complete list of our currently available demonstration equipment here.

    Call 844.881.2088 for pricing and availability as our demo stock changes quickly.

Welcome to Westminster Technologies!

Westminster Technologies’ mission is to enable those with differing abilities to reach their full potential. Be it assistive technology, software, hardware or professional development, you can get the tools and training you need to support your mission.

Westminster Technologies Process

Westminster Technologies ProcessOur approach to Assistive Technology is much more than just selling devices. We want to understand your situation and the goals for the users of any of our products. Having a focus on them, allows us to personalize any solutions we suggest, so that they will have the best chance for success.
Because we thoroughly review and research all products before agreeing to carry them, we believe in each of them and how they can assist individuals. That belief in our products and services is shared with you, as we want you to have faith in the end result. Your trust is very important to us and we take that very seriously.

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