• New Product

    New Product - LightAide

    Girl with Cortical Vision Impairment uses LightAide


    Westminster Technologies is excited to add LightAide to our family of assistive technology products. LightAide boasts 224 bright multicolored LED lights that respond to switch interactions. It’s preloaded with ten activities (with the option to download more later) that range in level from easy to more complex.

    Learn more about this amazing device!
  • Demo Equipment

    SMART Board 8070i

    Demonstration equipment like a SMART Board 8070i is available.

    Gently-Used Equipment Available

    Every year, Westminster Technologies uses various products for presentations and trade shows. Periodically, we offer some of these gently-used products for a reduced cost.

    You can see a complete list of our currently available demonstration equipment here. Call 844.881.2088 for pricing and availability as our demo stock changes quickly.

New Music Software

Westminster Technologies is excited to be the premier distributor of a new musical instrument for eyegaze - ii-Music. This software is designed to be played with your eyes. It operates using cursor position and "dwell to click” meaning that you can use it with almost any cursor control-based system, including head-trackers. No need to read music or memorize scales to give this a go. The software is also compatible with the Skoog, so you can also use it to enhance your performance by changing notes or adding effects on the fly.

Learn more about ii-Music here.

Bring an Assistive Technology Informational Seminar to Your Team!

Westminster Technologies, Inc.

Would you like to see the products and information of a conference like ATIA? While we believe a few days in Orlando learning about the latest assistive technology and its applications would be fun during the winter, we understand budget constraints and time demands don’t always permit this opportunity. What’s the next best thing? How about having some of these products and a lot of information come to you!

Unfortunately, Westminster Technologies can’t bring sunny 70-degree weather to your door. However, we can bring products and knowledge of best practices for inclusive and special needs classrooms.

How do you make this happen?
1. Pick the date and time which best suits your faculty and therapists.

2. Contact Westminster Technologies at 844.881.2088.

3. Tell us some of the areas about which you would like to have more information.

4. Block out two hours to learn about high-tech and low-tech approaches that are making a difference.

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